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 If you love great music, you'll love becoming a member of the Symphony Guild of Charlotte.  When you join our diverse and engaging organization, you will:
  • become a valued partner in helping our Symphony maintain its decades-long legacy of musical excellence, community outreach and education.
  • experience deep satisfaction and immediate psychic payback when volunteering. 
  • develop new skills and use your existing ones in ways you never imagined! 
  • make new friends and join in with friends you already know in The Guild.
  • Increase your appreciation for classical music and all the music that our multi-talented symphony and youth symphonies play -- and you'll be glad you made the decision to help keep the music playing!
Join The Guild and participate in activities according to the membership categories indicated below.

Membership Levels

$40  Young Professional(s) Under 40
$70  Active Member(s)
$250 Patron(s)

Please check two or more areas of interest for helping this year under various committee areas in addition to helping with The Guild's major fund raiser.


Management & Planning

Marketing & Public Relations


Reminder, all Active Members are expected to list two options (in addition to The Guild's major fund raiser) to fulfill requirement of being an active member.

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